Why Do This?

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • If you always have good “intentions” but get too busy with work, family and other obligations.
  • If you are already committed to a healthy lifestyle and need a push in the right direction.

    The JUMPSTART program is done in a very short time period, especially considering how long it has taken you to put on that weight or develop unhealthy habits. I encourage you to look at this program as a foundation for building habits towards a healthier lifestyle.


  • Invitation to join a private online group for daily motivation and accountability with like minded people.
  • Everyday you will be given a new task to complete.
  • Your job is to complete the daily task (in the comfort & privacy of your own home). Report back to our private online group that you have completed it.

    Get started today: $45* -This is the cost of a dinner or a few drinks out…It’s an easy decision if you really want a JUMPSTART towards a healthier YOU.